Big Bear California Elevation

big bear california elevation
Question: Question about nose surgery and high elevation!!?

I just got a nose surgery 15 days ago, and my results have been great! there was no bruising and just a little swelling around the nose. Now I need to go to Big Bear City (California), which is about 6500-7000 ft of elevation. I live in an area where it has about 500-1000 ft of elevation. So there is going to be a 6000 ft difference. Is that going to effect my nose or make any complications.

p.s. my doctor did say that it was ok.

what do u think?

Answer: Hi :) ,

You have not stated your age. If your are young and healthy (less than sixty years) you will be alright. If your are older and have arteriosclerosis and/or respiratory diseases then it will be best to stay at home. 6000 ff feet is a lot of elevation. You will tire more easily and you will be breathing harder.

When I used to live at an altitude of 5000 feet I used to look after patients who came from the big apple ( at about sea level) and became ill at this altitude. All were older folks with underlying health problems.

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