Big Bear Lake Fishing Tips

big bear lake fishing tips
Question: Need help, I am fishing lake Silverwood in CA near Big Bear.?

so im used to fishing Castaic, Castaic Lagoon, Piru, Pyramid, Casitas, Cachuma and even a little Diamond Valley. But have never fished Lake Silverwood before,

any hints and tips would be appreciated from anyone!
I heard good striper fishing there
good luck to you all on your next trips and Tight Lines!

Answer: Use anchovies for stripped bass and cats out by the dam and around the boat docks medium action pole with 8-12lb test sliding sinker set up. In the miller canyon arms for trout-blugill switch to a light weight pole 4-6lb test and inflated night-crawlers again with a sliding sinker combo. The stream in Miller canyon if it still has water may have some trout left in it, it gets stocked in the spring till the flows are too low. I like the coves on the south shoreline of Miller canyon the best either in a boat or from shore.

Big Bear Lake PART 1

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